Mussel mania (and other assorted tidbits)

Survived last Thursday night’s Back to School Night but was mighty tired when Friday rolled around.  Positive turnout from parents — approximately 80% of my students were represented.  Frankie’s mom told me this was the first year she could remember that Frankie isn’t already complaining about reading (yeah!).  And Friday one of my students said her dad’s response was, “I want to go back to school again!”  At the end of the week, my team-teaching colleague stopped by my room to tell me this was probably the best week of teaching in his life.  I felt it too.

A side note: Eighth grade girls and second grade girls have a lot in common, especially during the read aloud.  Multi-tasking means they can listen and braid hair at the same time — and do so with keen focus and mastery, as I chronicled while sitting at the side of our room while Brian read aloud last week.

hair braiding #1

hair braiding #2

Spent the weekend catching up on sleep, doing some schoolwork, and completing MOCKINGJAY.  I’ll wear my gold Mockingjay pin to class tomorrow and trust there’ll be a group of middle schoolers ready to talk, talk, talk about the end of this trilogy.  We’ll do so with respect for the readers who are frantically trying to catch up.  On Saturday I purchased three copies of CATCHING FIRE for those who started THE HUNGER GAMES last week.  My four copies of MOCKINGJAY should arrive soon, for my eager readers who are finally ready for book three.  I’m loving this reading revolution!!

Robertson QuayAnd now a shot of a glorious Saturday night at Robertson Quay where Fred and I discovered our favorite new restaurant in Singapore, Brussels Sprouts.  While there are no Brussels sprouts on the menu, there are 24 preparations for mussels. We tried just two (Brussels Sprouts Special — mussels with butter, black pepper, onions, celery, & parsley and Devilled — mussels with chili padi, coriander, curry, lime, tomato — hot ‘n spicy and lip-smacking delicious), vowing to try all 24 before we leave Singapore.  Not to worry, they come with unlimited meaty french fries (accompanied with mayo, of course!). For our visitors: We’ll gladly accompany you to this restaurant, right along the river.  And we’ll do our best to host you on an evening as beautiful as last night.

And now, on to teaching — it’s week #3 already . . .