A case of the lonelies

It’s late Saturday night.  Fred’s sound asleep . . . we’re still living in the York Hotel (our shipment hasn’t arrived yet so hotel living continues for another week) . . . and I have insomnia (yet again).  Yesterday I managed to contract some type of 24-hour bug (symptoms? extreme vertigo) that kept me from attending a new teachers’ dinner of chili crab (Singaporean speciality).  While missing out on good food is disappointing, the real downside of getting sick away from home is missing what’s familiar.  Since I can’t channel my own bed or my beloved Katten or my sisters, I’ll recognize what I’m missing with these photos.  They’re as close as I can get to finding a cure for the Saturday night blues.


  1. Insomnia is bad enough, but insomnia with a bug in your system is worse. And add a hotel room to that…well, I just object! My wishes for you are sleep and calm. A whole space of it as a recoup and restoration before the new school begins in earnest.

  2. Oh geeze… I hope you’re feeling better! What a bummer. Those pictures sure are precious though. Happy Sunday morning– hopefully you’ll get lots of rest and some tasty food to make up for what you missed!

  3. How great to live vicariously through your blog. Great to hear things are mostly going well and that you feel welcomed! Do you have a different email we should use (Megan was asking). Would love a SKYPE chat or email about what you thought of TC! The women’s weekend at Vashon was fabulous. Wish you could have left a few days later!

  4. Sorry to hear about your current challenges. Hopefully the sickness will have passed by the time you awoke this morning, assuming you were able to sleep. I tweaked the blog so that hopefully, now, you will get notification of new comments to your posting and be able to approve them yourself (as I have been approving them so far). Talk to you soon.

  5. Hi Nancy…sorry you became ill. I got a viral infection that is causing some vertigo too!! Very weird. Hope you are better soon! Miss you! Love your blog!

  6. Back from the family reunion– definitely an “interesting” experience! Missing you too. I love having little snippets of your experience on this blog

  7. Reading your blog with much interest. So sorry to hear you’ve been sick. Next you write I’m sure you’ll be fine…….love the descriptions, etc. fabulous!

  8. Nancy, we thought of you at Birch Bay today as we gathered for a fabulous display of salads and book lust. We walked out onto the mud flats and then came back to eat before discussing THE LOTTERY.

    Personally, I hope that your experience teaching there will be all you hope for. You certainly bring courage to us all to jump and try the new waters.

    I sent you URL around again so everyone can read your posts. All the best.

    Janet O

  9. You must try Chili Crabs as soon as you feel better. I had it when I was in Singapore and it was the best. I was with co-workers but didn’t care that the sauce was all over my hands and face. YUM!

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