That’s what I call a “field trip”

Spent three days last week accompanying the 8th grade A-siders (about 100 kids) to Telunas Beach, Indonesia for our annual CWW trip.  Classroom Without Walls is the mother of all field trips — three days, two nights of team/community building at a “rustic resort” in the gorgeous Riau Islands (here’s where rustic means no hot water for showers, cabins supported on stilts, no tv/computer, and the hard-to-find-in-Singapore power of solitude).

Middle schoolers at SAS are divided into A, B, and C “sides,” groups of 100+ kids on each side.  Last week all A-side teams experienced their CWW trip.  This Wed.-Fri. the B-side will journey away and the following week it’ll be time for the C-siders to travel.  Our theme of “no one is an island” wove through every aspect of our trip, from sharing buses and long boats, to the no-iPod, no mp3, no gaming consoles rule, to large group activities such as skit night, marshmallow roasting, jumping off the tower, and tie-dying t-shirts (that’s Nikita and Manasvi in the photo), to small group collaborative “games” such as water relay, digital scavenger hunt, spider web, mad-lib skit prep, and hazardous waste challenge.

We ate well, played together, solved problems, took risks, laughed a lot, and returned home with myriad photos, fond memories, and suntans, bug bites, and the infamous tetherball jammed finger as evidence of three full days of wondrously hard “work.”

For your pleasure . . . a few more photos of my first CWW:


  1. That looks amazing, Nancy! How much fun. Looks like one of those never-forget trips. It looks like your students had fun, too.

    You’re going to have such a wonderful collection of photos and memories after this entire experience!

  2. How fun. Great photos. Reminds me of the fun I had with my mountain hiking overnights with my high school students long ago. Did parents go too? How much did it cost or was this funded by the school?

    DQ– Nope, just the teachers and kids. We weren’t joined by parents (good thing!), but there were around 11 teachers and they invited Fred to come along and take some photos. Not a bad gig! Cost to kids is zero — it’s part of the school funding so no one is excluded. NJ

  3. I’m probably the only person who would say this, but I now want to do middle school over again. Your school seems too good to be true! Wow.

  4. Thanks for the great pictures, especially of the kids! I’m also enjoying the book reviews. I bought Hunger Games and am eager to start the trilogy.

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