This safety tip brought to you by . . .

Tonight is Back to School Night at the SAS Middle School — my first Back to School Night in more years than I can count.  Up late last night getting my PowerPoint ready — how many slides are doable and wise in just a 10 minute slice of time?  Parents follow their kid’s schedule (with different distractions than our 8th graders experience between classes — friends, lockers, friends, snacks, friends, friends, friends).  We’ll see who gets to class on time!

I promise a longer update after I survive Back to School Night.  In the meantime, take heed.  I noticed this safety tip on my walk “home” late yesterday afternoon.  Seems like good advice, yes?


  1. You’ve always been full of good tips, safety included. I’m glad being on the other side of the world hasn’t changed things. Your expert advice has gotten me through college– what the heck would I do without it??

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