Three days and counting . . .

Here’s Janel, waving goodbye from the driver’s seat in my trusty ole Camry.  May it be good to you, Janel as you journey to/from WWU and student teaching.  I had that car 18 years ~ it was time she “graduated” to another location.  Time for college, Camry!

What will I miss from here (in addition to Mallard’s ice cream, great neighbors, good friends, etc.)?  Warm summer evenings on our deck — late light and a spectacular view of the lake, the sliver of moon and a sprinkling of stars, and the 10 p.m. peace after boats and skiers have called it quits for another day.  No humidity, no bugs, no sweat.  In less than a week, this will all be a memory — something to look forward to next summer.


  1. Thank you. It is a lovely care. She and I shall enjoy many a trip to and from WWU and my student teaching location

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