Week Two begins . . .

One week and one day in Singapore and we’ve accomplished plenty.  A new phone (no thanks to Starhub and technology and miscommunication and my over-50-year-old techno-phobia — I think I should hire some kindergartners to tutor me in how to understand this touch-screen contraption) and a new “home” (we signed papers to rent a brand new condo unit last night).  Our shipment is due to arrive on August 5th.  So, in one week, we move out of the York Hotel and into the Somerset neighborhood of downtown Singapore.  We’re beyond ready!  [In case you’re interested in our new home, the condo is called The Suites @ Central — we’re on the 3rd, or maybe it’s the 4th floor, and we have a guest room with its very own balcony.  Come visit!]  Our new home

Weather has cooperated nicely.  Some days rain, some days sun, every day humidity.  Not surprising given our location one degree north of the equator.  We carry an umbrella everywhere in case we get caught in a downpour (which already happened — lesson learned).  We’re becoming somewhat savvy on the MRT and have managed to get on the wrong train going the wrong directly only once or twice.  And, we’ve sampled fabulous cuisine (except for one disaster with some type of chicken leg or chicken head or chicken-something-on-a-stick).  Not bad for two Bellinghamsters masquerading as global travelers.

We’ve been treated royally by the SAS folks — lots of social events planned to introduce us to Singapore and to each other.  This afternoon we were hosted at a wine and cheese event in a black and white (classic Singaporean home).  Tomorrow night we sample the famous Chili Crab at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant.  Bibs required.  And on Friday afternoon there’s a shopping trip planned to IKEA (pronounced ick-ee-uh — emphasis on the first syllable . . . apparently taxi drivers have no idea where to go unless it’s pronounced ick-ee-uh!).  All in all, we’re settling in.  Happily.