Zero days . . . time for lift-off!!

Goodnight Moon rang in my ears around 3 a.m. when we finally said “enough” to packing and crawled into bed.  To the lullaby of Fred’s and Katten’s snoring, I ticked off my last-night-in-my-Bellingham-bed goodnight/goodbyes . . . grateful for the last few days with family and friends, and certain we’ll miss you all beyond measure.

So . . . goodbye Bellingham, goodbye neighbors, goodbye Clara and Karen (best sisters-best friends), goodbye family, goodbye Joan, goodbye colleagues and students.  Goodbye Katten [if you ever wake up, you’ll find wonderful new servants in Jim & Trevor].  Goodbye cool mornings and glorious sunsets.  Goodbye pesky deer and garden-lovin’ rabbit.  Goodbye low humidity.  Goodbye “mother” Haggen (perhaps I’ll replace you with a Singaporean cook).  Goodbye cheap wine and good coffee.  Goodbye my beloved (and frustrating) Mariners.  We’ll be back to enjoy you all in eleven short months.

We’re off for grand adventures (and not to join the circus — although if anyone has seen the two of us overseas, it’s often circus-like.  Poor Singapore.  They don’t know what’s soon to hit!).

Time for lift off . . . Good-bye USA.